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Mosquitoes so small but so dreadful, they’re the biggest threat to humanity in the area of Public Health.Mosquitoes are the biggest killers in the world Mosquitoes have killed more people than all the wars and terrorists attacks combined from the beginning of mankind have.

These creepy pests look very much alike but they are different in many ways though they have similar life style of feeding on Human and Animal bloods like Vampires do. Ticks and Mites have been studied to transmit diseases and trigger allergic reactions.

We have over 10000 specie of flies, they all belong to the order Dipteria as they have double wings.Flies are the biggest Cross-Contamination Vector in the world. An average fly carries million load of bacteria at every given time, they are able to spread

This is a very irritating and nauseating pest to many people. Cockroaches have been identified with dirt and filth. We have predominantly 4 species of Roaches that are regarded as pests around us, which are; (German Roaches, American Roaches

Rodents are ruinous vermin that can spread diseases and pollute the environment, contaminate foods and damage properties. The sights of Rodents in a home could be irritating and disturbing. The most common rodents around us are The Roof Top Rat,


At DFORTUNE we control flies professionally using exclusion principles, Fly Baits, Mechanical Devices such as Professional Grade Fly Traps and Flies Repellants.

Be part of this professional training, where you will master how to fumigate as a professionals. Contact us today, we will give you guaranteed solution to any fly problems. The training will be done by our certified experts. Dont miss it for anything.


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